December 5, 2022

Rick and Morty will be launching their sixth season sometime this year. Although it hasn’t been confirmed exactly when the new season will be released, viewers expect to see it sometime during the summer.

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The Season 5 finale aired on September 5, 2021, so fans have had time to speculate and discuss all of their hopes and predictions for Season 6. Will Morty find a better partner? Will we see more Space Beth? Will Rick learn the errors of his ways even a little bit? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Rick C-137 Will Find Murderer Rick

In Season 5’s finale, Morty and the audience learn of Rick’s true past. When the show’s main Rick (C-137) was a young man, a Rick from another dimension offered him intra-dimensional technology. Rick C-137 turned it down. Murderer Rick dropped a bomb into the garage, which killed his wife and daughter. Rick soon built his portal gun, and began his quest for vengeance, dedicating his life to trying to find the man who took his family from him, murdering countless Ricks along the way. The Alliance of Ricks tried to kill C-137 before he could keep killing them. Instead, he nearly wiped all of them out. The survivors decided to work with Rick C-137 and build the Citadel together. Rick left them behind, however, to find a universe where his daughter was alive.

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Rick never was able to track the murderer down. Fans of the show are hoping that Season 6 is when Rick C-137 will find and get his revenge on the Rick who murdered his family. No one seems to know where this Rick is, or what he’s been doing. As far as viewers know, C-137 doesn’t even know why the other Rick murdered his family. Perhaps he was partaking in some kind of mission to make sure C-137 fulfills his destiny as “the Rick-est Rick.”


Evil Morty Will Team Up With Someone Smarter Than Rick

Evil Morty learned of the truth of the Central Finite Curve and shared it with Morty and the audience. It is essentially a wall between realities, a barrier that divides “all the infinite universes from all the infinite universes where [Rick]’s the smartest man in the universe,” as Evil Morty explained. This means that beyond the curve, exists an infinite number of realities where there is someone smarter than Rick. Evil Morty was able to break through the curve and leave the cage that the Rick’s created.

So what does this mean for next season? Chances are, this isn’t the last of Evil Morty. He now has access to what could be an infinite number of universes that contain someone, or something smarter than any Rick. This means he could possibly team up with that being to destroy C-137 and the rest of the Ricks. He killed a lot of Rick’s and Morty’s during his last moments at the Citadel, but he might return to try to finish the job, and likely, he won’t be returning alone.

Cthulhu Will Appear In An Episode

The intro of the show usually changes every season, but one scene that has been a part of every opening shows the creature Cthulhu chasing Rick, Morty, and Summer in their spaceship. Cthulhu is a god-like being that once ruled the earth, from H.P. Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones. He is the only character who has been seen in every season’s intro but hasn’t appeared in an actual episode. A baby Cthulhu also appeared in Season 4’s closing credits.

Fans have hoped every season to see Cthulhu actually make an appearance in an episode, so maybe, Season 6 will finally be the time. Some fans think that Cthulhu may be a part of Rick’s backstory and that he destroyed his original universe by waking up the beast. Some fans think that the creature could have been summoned by Evil Morty from another universe outside the Central Finite Curve sent to destroy Rick.

Mr. Poopybutthole Redemption

Mr. Poopybutthole is a character who first appeared in “Total Rickall,” in Season 2, Episode 4. He is canonically a long-time friend of the family, such a good friend in fact, that Beth shoots him, thinking he is a parasite because she can’t recall a single bad memory of him. It is eventually revealed that he survived the shooting, got married, had a baby, and started a job as a professor at a college. He comes back in a post-credit scene during Season 5’s finale and gives a rather sad update on his life. He separated from his wife and lost his job at the college.

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Fans hope to see things get better for the beloved character. Since most of his misfortune is a direct result of things the Smith family has put him through, viewers are hoping he gets a chance to turn things around, but some are thinking he might want revenge on the Smiths instead. Mr. Poopybutthole ponders whether there could be an evil version of himself out there, but that he “may not even need him” since he’s made such a mess of things himself. This line caused some fans to believe that Season 6 might see a darker side of the always sweet and well-meaning Mr. Poopybutthole.

More Space Beth

Many fans consider Space Beth to be one of the most intriguing characters of the show, but it didn’t get brought up much in Season 5. Space Beth is either a clone of the original Beth from C-137’s universe, or she’s the original Beth. At the end of the episodeThe ABCs Of Beth,” Rick made a clone of his daughter labeled “Clone Beth” with all her memories. He purposefully shuffled the bottles and wiped his memory so that he would not know which Beth was the clone and which one was real.

Both the characters on the show and viewers of the show still don’t know which Beth is the clone. Beth still feels unsure about her life and likely harbors some resentment that she isn’t the one traveling through space and going on adventures. It’s an intriguing dynamic that fans hope to see explored more in Season 6. Fans still want to see more of the character and how she interacts with Earth Beth and the family she left behind.

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