August 18, 2022

Household favorite cereals may be practically 28 instances saltier and twice as sugary as grocery store own-brand variations, evaluation reveals.

MailOnline in contrast the dietary content material of 10 of the largest manufacturers of cereals and their various choices out there at Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and ALDI.

Among the many worst offenders was a serving of Kellogg’s Krave chocolate and hazelnut cereal, which was discovered to include 0.28g of salt. For comparability, Tesco’s personal model of the product contained lower than 0.01g. 

In the meantime, Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut chocolate clusters have been packed filled with 9.3of sugar per serving, in comparison with the 4.9g in ASDA’s possibility.

Each of the choices are at the least half the worth of the branded model. 

Nevertheless, some cheaper choices contained simply as a lot salt or sugar — with ALDI’s tackle Krave containing 0.29g of salt. 

Nutritionists have lengthy argued that decrease salt and sugar variations of merchandise show that meals may be made in a more healthy method. 

Britons are suggested to eat not more than 30g of added sugar and 6g of salt every day. Consuming an excessive amount of sugar can result in weight acquire and tooth decay, whereas a salt-heavy weight loss plan can elevate blood stress, growing the chance of coronary heart illness and stroke. 

The findings come amid a nationwide weight problems disaster, which worsened through the pandemic. One in three youngsters in England are obese or overweight by the point they go away faculty, whereas three-quarters of over-45s are too large. 

The NHS spends greater than £6billion per 12 months treating obesity-related well being issues and the fee is ready to rocket to £9.7billion by 2050. 

Sonia Pombo, of Motion on Salt, informed MailOnline that a few of the branded firms are ‘grossly irresponsible’ for making meals with ‘unnecessarily excessive’ salt and sugar ranges.

Meals producers have entry to the identical substances and all know sugar and salt hurt well being, so it’s baffling that they ‘actively select to not’ comply with more healthy recipes, she stated. 

MailOnline in contrast the dietary content material of 10 of the UK’s favorite branded cereals with comparable merchandise out there at Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and ALDI. The graphic reveals the dietary content material per 30g bowl of every cereal, or per two biscuits for Weetabix. Grocery store variations had more healthy salt and sugar ranges throughout nearly all cereals. Among the many worst offenders, Kellogg’s Krave chocolate and hazelnut cereal had 28-times extra salt than Tesco’s model of the breakfast meals, whereas Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut chocolate clusters contained practically double the sugar per 30g serving in comparison with ASDA’s possibility

MailOnline analysed 10 cereals made by Kellogg’s, Nestle, Jordans and Weetabix and in contrast the sugar and salt content material per 30g serving to the grocery store own-brand variations.

Kellogg’s Frosties have been discovered to include extra salt (0.25g) and sugar (11g) than the entire grocery store alternate options. 

The identical was additionally discovered for Nestle’s Multigrain Cheerios (0.25g salt and 5.3g sugar) and Nestle Cookie Crisp Cereal (0.2g salt and 7g sugar).

However the reverse was true for Weetabix (0.1g salt and 1.6g sugar), with the entire grocery store choices having barely extra sugar (0.1g salt and 1.7g sugar). 

And Kellogg’s Coco Pops was one of many least sugary variations, containing 5.1g per serving, in comparison with 8.8g within the model from Waitrose.


Consuming an excessive amount of sugar can result in weight acquire and tooth decay.

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The kind of sugars most adults and youngsters within the UK eat an excessive amount of of are “free sugars”, which incorporates any added to foods and drinks and sugars in honey, syrup and fruit juice.

However sugar discovered naturally in milk, fruit and greens don’t rely as free sugars.

Adults will not be presupposed to have greater than 30g of free sugars a day – round seven sugar cubes. 

Kids aged seven to 10 should not have any greater than 24g of free sugars (six sugar cubes), whereas these aged 4 to 6 shouldn’t have greater than 19g (5 sugar cubs). 

Consuming an excessive amount of sugar can imply consuming too many energy, resulting in weight acquire. 

Being obese will increase the chance of struggling coronary heart illness, kind 2 diabetes and a few cancers.

Sugar can be one of many fundamental causes of tooth decay.

Well being chiefs advise Britons to have not more than a 150ml glass of fruit juice and smoothies per day and restrict the quantity of meals with excessive ranges of free sugars.

Supply: NHS 

Calorie content material throughout the totally different cereals have been nearly equivalent per 30g serving, regardless of disparities within the sugar and salt content material.

Ms Pombo informed MailOnline: ‘These findings spotlight how grossly irresponsible sure branded firms are, producing meals that are unnecessarily excessive in sugars and salt.

‘All producers have the identical substances out there to them and know that sugar and salt are dangerous to our well being. 

‘The truth that different firms can produce more healthy variations of the identical meals proves that it may be carried out, so why do they actively select to not?

‘With one in three youngsters leaving main faculty with obese or weight problems, and the general price of weight problems to wider society estimated at £27billion, our Authorities should step up and implement mandated salt, sugar and calorie discount targets now to make sure a stage enjoying area throughout all related meals classes.’

Dr Haya Al Khatib, a vitamin scientist and visiting analysis fellow at King’s School London, informed MailOnline the findings are ‘an excellent instance of why we have to transfer past fixating on energy’. 

She stated: ‘The dietary worth of a meals is way extra advanced than solely its caloric worth and we have to transfer past equating meals primarily based solely on the quantity of vitality the label on the again of the pack says they supply after we’re selecting what to eat. 

‘The results of the energy totally different meals present us can have vastly totally different results on our biology, our long run well being, and even how we really feel all through the day.

‘So far as potential, we have to concentrate on bringing a wide range of entire plant meals onto our plate.’ 

Professor Gunter Kuhnle, an professional in vitamin and meals science on the College of Studying, informed MailOnline the variations in sugar content material may imply Britons are consuming 1 / 4 of their every day sugar allowance at breakfast.

He famous that the sugar content material in Frosties is nearly double the extent of Tesco and ASDA’s personal variations of the product.

And the product equates to 5 per cent of every day calorie consumption and consists of ‘about 25 per cent of the every day sugar allowance for an grownup’, Professor Kuhnle warned.

A spokesperson from Kellogg’s stated its recipes are totally different from own-brand merchandise and the place a few of its cereals might be ‘barely increased in salt’ it might even be ‘a lot decrease in sugar’ and fortified with nutritional vitamins and minerals. 

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They added: ‘Though seemingly comparable, they’re totally different recipes which, in lots of instances, are additionally made in several methods. They aren’t essentially comparable.


Consuming an excessive amount of salt can improve blood stress and the chance of coronary heart illness and stroke. 

Adults ought to eat a most of 6g of salt per day.

Between 75 and 80 per cent of the salt individuals eat is in processed and comfort meals, reminiscent of sauces and meat. 

For each gram of salt minimize from Britons’ common every day consumption, there can be 6,000 fewer deaths from strokes and coronary heart assaults per 12 months. 

Most labels now give the quantity of salt contained in meals per portion.

Meals are thought of to be low salt and have a inexperienced label in the event that they include lower than 0.3g per 100g. 

Merchandise with medium salt ranges have lower than 1.5g per 100g, which is indicated by way of an amber label. 

And merchandise with excessive quantities of salt have a crimson label, which means they include 1.5g per 100g or 1.8g per portion.

‘Lots of our cereals, together with Coco Pops, Particular Ok Authentic, Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes are classed as non-high in fats, salt and sugar (HFSS) utilizing the federal government’s personal vitamin requirements.’

A Nestlé spokesperson stated it has eliminated 59million teaspoons of sugar and 3million teaspoons of salt from its merchandise over the past decade, so 9 in 10 of its merchandise will not be excessive in fats, salt or sugar. 

The corporate reduces sugar and salt content material and will increase the entire grain content material usually, they stated. 

‘Each Multigrain Cheerios and Cookie Crisp are categorized as non-high in fats, sugar and salt (non-HFSS) and have “amber” on pack labelling based on the UK Authorities’s Nutrient profiling mannequin,’ they added. 

A Jordans spokesperson stated its strawberry cereal wouldn’t be thought of as high-sugar by regulators and it’s vital ‘to not concentrate on one single nutrient’ when assessing meals. 

They stated: ‘Nation Crisp cereal is made with wholegrain oats and is decrease in saturated fat than a few of the different merchandise in the marketplace. Since 2009 we’ve got decreased the sugar in our cereals by 14 per cent and have launched a low sugar granola.’

Official figures present greater than a 3rd of adults in England are obese and greater than 1 / 4 are overweight.

And one in seven children are overweight by the point they begin reception, in comparison with one in 10 earlier than Covid struck.

And by the point they’re in Yr 6, the proportion who’re overweight jumps to 1 in 4, up from one in 5 in 2019. 

The Prime Minister introduced a crackdown on weight problems in 2020 after a near-fatal bout of Covid which he attributed to being obese. 

As a part of the plan, new legal guidelines limiting provides on meals excessive in fats, sugar and salt are because of come into impact in medium and enormous retailers in October. Junk meals giants may also be banned from promoting on-line and earlier than 9pm on TV by January 2023.

No10 can be planning to finish ‘purchase one, get one free’ promotions for unhealthy meals and cease the merchandise from being positioned in distinguished places in retailers, reminiscent of entrances and checkouts. 

And a rule got here into impact final week requiring eating places, cafes and takeaways with greater than 250 employees to listing energy on their menus.

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And thru the NHS, Britons can now get entry to apps in addition to free or discounted membership to gyms and programmes reminiscent of Weight Watchers to assist them shed weight.

However there are considerations Mr Johnson could dilute or drop a few of these plans to appease Tory MPs who oppose nanny-state interventions.  

Branded cereal favourites can include TWICE as a lot sugar and 28-times extra salt then grocery store own-branded variations 
Cereal (dietary info per 30g serving or per two biscuits for Weetabix) energy sugar (g) salt (g) price per field
Kellogg’s Frosties 500g 113 11 0.25 £3.30
Tesco’s Frosted Flakes 500g 116 6.7 0.14 £1.00
ASDA Frosted Flakes Cereal 500g 116 6.7 0.14 £1.00
Sainsbury’s Frosted Flakes Cereal 500g 119 8.1 0.21 £1.00
ALDI Harvest Morn Frosted Flakes 600g 116 7.8 0.14 £0.99
Kellog’s Rice Krispies 510g 116 2.4 0.3 £2.90
Tesco’s Rice Snaps 375g 116 1.5 0.16 £0.65
ASDA Rice Snaps 375g 116 1.5 0.16 £0.90
Sainsbury’s Rice Pops 375g 116 2.1 0.16 £1.00
Waitrose Important Rice Pops 440g 115 2.7 0.22 £1.40
ALDI Harvest Morn Crisp Rice 375g 115 1.8 0.21 £0.65
Nestle’s Multigrain Cheerios 390g 115 5.3 0.25 £2.70
Tesco’s Multigrain Hoops 375g 114 4.8 0.1 £1.10
ASDA Multigrain Hoops 500g 113 5.1 0.17 £1.40
Sainsbury’s Multigrain Hoops Cereal 375g 115 4.7 0.13 £1.10
Waitrose Important Multigrain Hoops 375g 115 4.7 0.13 £1.10
ALDI Harvest Morn Multi Grain Hoops 375g 109 5.1 0.15 £0.85
Kellog’s Coco Pops 480g 115 5.1 0.2 £3.00
Tesco Choco Snaps 375g 115 6.4 0.2 £0.75
ASDA Choco Snaps 605g 115 5 0.16 £1.54
Sainsbury’s Choco Rice Pops 375g 118 8.4 0.2 £1.00
Waitrose Important Choco Pops 375g 118 8.8 0.2 £1.10
ALDI Harvest Morn Choco Rice 375g 114 8.2 0.23 £0.75
Weetabix 48 pack 136 1.6 0.1 £5.00
Wheat Biscuits 48 pack 136 1.7 0.1 £2.25
ASDA Wheat Bisks Cereal 48 pack 134 1.7 0.1 £2.40
Sainsbury’s Wholewheat Biscuits Cereal 48 pack 134 1.7 0.1 £2.75
Waitrose Important Wholewheat Biscuits 24 pack 134 1.7 0.1 £1.85
ALDI Harvest Morn Wheat Bisks 36 pack 134 1.7 0.1 £1.69
Jordans Nation Crisp & Strawberry 500g 130 6.2 0.01 £3.00
Tesco Strawberry Crisp 500g 129 4.8 0.03 £1.50
ASDA Strawberry Crisp Cereal 500g 128 4.35 0.01 £1.34
Waitrose Combined Berry Crisp 500g 131 4.14 0.01 £2.50
ALDI Harvest Morn Crisp Cereal Strawberry 500g 131 5.4 0.01 £1.15
Kellog’s Particular Ok 500g 118 4.5 0.3 £3.00
Tesco Low Fats Particular Flake Cereal 500g 112 3.7 0.2 £1.30
ASDA Particular Flakes Cereal 500g 112 3.7 0.16 £1.00
Waitrose LOVELife Toasted Rice & Wheat Flakes 500g 112 3.7 0.16 £2.00
ALDI Harvest Morn Authentic Profit 500g 114 4.6 0.06 £0.95
Nestle Cookie Crisp Cereal 500g 118 7 0.2 £2.20
Tesco Crunchy Cookie Cereal 325g 116 6.5 0.1 £1.45
ALDI Harvest Morn Cookie Bites 565g 116 6.5 0.1 £1.25
Kellogg’s Krave Chocolate & Hazelnut Cereal 410g 135 8.7 0.28 £2.50
Tesco Pillows Chocolate Nut Cereal 375g 127 5.2 0.01 £1.20
Sainsbury’s Choco Hazelnut Squares Cereal 375g 134 5.9 0.11 £1.20
ALDI Harvest Morn Craze Cereal 375g 125 6.97 0.29 £0.99
Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Chocolate Clusters 450g 138 9.3 0.25 £2.50
Tesco Honey Nut Chocolate Clusters 500g 131 6.8 0.01 £1.70
ASDA Honey Nut Crunch with Milk Chocolate Curls 375g 133 4.9 0.2 £1.25
ALDI Harvest Morn Honey Nut Crunchy Corn Flakes 500g 138 7.4 0.25 £0.85