August 11, 2022

The highly anticipated superhero sequel appears to still be a ways off.

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It has been an exciting weekend for Deadpool fans with the announcement that Shawn Levy was going to direct the long in development Deadpool 3. Levy is a great choice for the project, but if you were expecting the director to get started on the sequel right away, it might be a good idea to adjust your expectations. When responding to a tweet from Collider’s own Steve Weintraub, Levy confirmed that the sequel will not be filming this year.

In Weintraub’s tweet he reminds fans that Levy is in pre-production on his upcoming Netflix limited series All the Light You Cannot See and that show has not started production yet. Levy is also very involved as a producer on Stranger Things, whose fourth season is premiering on Netflix in May before the show finishes up its penultimate season in July. In response to Weintraub’s twee, Levy said, “All very true. Cannot wait to rest when I’m dead. Till then, though: let’s GOOOOO!”


While it will ultimately bum some fans out that Deadpool 3 will not be filming this year, it is great to hear how enthusiastic Levy is about the project. The Merc With The Mouth Himself Ryan Reynolds has also shared his excitement with the Levy news with his own Twitter post. From What we have been hearing from everyone involved so far, it seems like Marvel fans have a very special sequel on their hands.

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Deadpool 3 has been in development for years now after the Disney/Fox merger in 2019 complicated the process even further. However, now that the sequel is making real progress, fans should be patient. Every stage of a film takes time. While there was a chance the film would start shooting this year before the director joined the project, Levy is a hot commodity these days. Last year his comedy Free Guy was a surprise hit, and it was heavily compared to the self-aware antics of Deadpool while his new Netflix film The Adam Project has been getting great reviews. The latter film is an action-heavy time travel coming-of-age story that the Deadpool franchise has all dabbled in up to this point. When combining the different aspects of those two films with Levy’s experience on Stranger Things, the director has a perfect sense of tone. That is what fans should be focusing on and excited for rather than being sad that we are going to have to wait a bit longer for this particular rated-R sequel.

Deadpool 2 came out all the way back in 2018, so it is understandable to feel slightly impatient with this news, but Deadpool 3 is in great hands and no one said anything about 2023. The film could very well start shooting next year and 2023 will be here before Deadpool fans know it. Until then fans have a lot of time to rewatch Levy’s past work like Free Guy, The Adam Project, and Stranger Things. Check out the tweet below:

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