August 18, 2022

Academy Award winner Geena Davis is coming to TV again. The GLOW alum has been attached to star in the main cast of an upcoming CBS pilot. Still untitled, the legal drama will see Davis as a mother who is forced to reconnect with her detective son after witnessing her own marriage’s dissolution. Considering that Davis’ character is described as a “razor sharp” attorney and her son a “talented” private investigator, it’s safe to say the two protagonists will team up in order to solve challenging cases.

CBS also released an official description for Davis’ character, who is named Joan, and a general synopsis of the series, which you can check out below:


Joan […] is a razor-sharp attorney and a self-made success who put herself through law school to support her three kids when her first husband died. Very controlling and always aware of appearances, Joan must rely on Todd, her least reliable child, when her 2nd marriage mysteriously unravels. And while she can’t condone Todd’s less than legal tactics, she’s impressed by his ability to sleuth out information. Is hiring Todd to work in her office a serious gamble?

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The upcoming series is created by Scott Prendergast, who’s had an interesting run as a screenwriter. He wrote for MTV’s surreal stop-motion animated series Celebrity Deathmatch, in which satirized versions of celebrities did pretty much what says in the title. Prendergast also wrote for Wilfred, a series about a guy who sees his dog as a fully-grown man. Judging by the screenwriter’s experience, we could be looking at a totally different legal drama that features wacky stories.

At the same time, CBS has a long history of delivering legal dramas that are not too far outside the realm of what you’d expect, including Perry Mason, JAG, Judging Amy, and critically acclaimed The Good Wife. So we’ll have to wait until the first trailer comes out to discover what direction the network is taking with the series.

Davis has been championing a good run on TV. Ever since she was nominated at the Emmys for playing the first-ever female President of the United States in Commander in Chief, the actor was featured in recurring roles in Fox’s The Exorcist, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, and recently voiced Huntara in Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Should her new pilot be picked up, however, this will mark Davis’ first leading role on TV ever since playing POTUS. In cinema, Davis won the Oscar for her performance in The Accidental Tourist, and she was also in modern classics such as Thelma & Louise and The Fly.

CBS is yet to reveal further information on the legal drama, including its title.

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