August 10, 2022

Tatiana Maslany is no stranger to the world of podcasting, having worked on the Orphan Black podcast series The Next Chapter, and she is also no stranger to being imbued with superpowers and tackling the strange world of dating thanks to her upcoming role as She-Hulk, which makes the upcoming release of her new dark comedy podcast Power Trip even more tantalizing. Collider is thrilled to exclusively reveal the trailer for the new series that arrives next month, so get your earbuds ready!

Maslany stars as Jane, an ordinary woman who has always had the best seat on the struggle bus. All of that changes after she acquires a healthy kidney hot off the black market that brings with it more than she bargained for. Suddenly she discovers an uncanny ability to command those in her orbit to do exactly what she wants. Naturally, she gives into these new abilities—dating for the first time with no concerns about overindulging in her new powers or the consequences of her actions. She’s living her best life and excepting no limits! But now that she’s getting everything that she has ever dreamed of, she faces a new dilemma. How will she know when she’s gone too far?


In the trailer, Maslany brings her signature charm and humor to the off-beat dialogue and out-of-this-world situation that Jane finds herself thrown into. First of all, it sounds like Jane has no trouble sleeping with her date’s roommate and then making him not care about her indiscretions, but it also sounds like she’s using her newfound abilities to force losers into tipping 100%—so how bad can it really be? Luckily Jane doesn’t have to go through this new situation all by herself, because she isn’t the only person who ended up with black market organ superpowers. You’re gonna love Power Trip and besides, Jane’s going to make sure you do anyways.

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Once you listen to the trailer, you’ll see that Maslany isn’t just talking to herself like in Orphan Black, she’s joined in the series by Grammy winner Lisa Loeb as her overbearing, yet well-meaning mother, and Locke & Key‘s Brendan Hines is Bruce, the “perfect on paper” man that Jane meets on a dating app. In addition to starring in Power Trip, Maslany is also executive producing the series, which was written by Mary Hamilton. In the press release for the trailer, Maslany shared:

“It was a joy to collaborate with Realm on such a funny, irreverent show. Power Trip is a great character piece, super inventive and at the same time embarrassingly relatable. I’m excited for people to go on the journey with Jane and I hope they have as much fun living inside her head as I did.”

Realm’s founder and CEO Molly Barton praised Maslany’s abilities saying, “Tatiana’s talents are limitless as an actor and also as an executive producer. She brings depth and relatability to this character and has been an active participant in shaping our narrative and our approach to bringing this story to life – a story we believe will be one of the best listens of the year.”

Listen to the trailer for Power Trip below and tune in to the new series on July 21.