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When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, many of the Expanded Universe fell out of canon. That is all for the very best – it does not make sense to bind a brand new film collection to books, comics, and video games that had been revealed a long time in the past. Nevertheless, this doesn’t suggest that Disney cannot deliver a choose few of the scrapped characters again into the brand new canon. They’re keen to do that in sure circumstances, as is made evident by the looks of Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels. There are extra characters from the Legends continuity that should be reintroduced, and lots of of them can show very important as Disney finds its footing in a post-sequel trilogy panorama.

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Nomi Sunrider

Picture By way of Darkish Horse Comics

In an area opera about household, there is a surprisingly small quantity of precise parenting concerned. Nomi Sunrider from the Darkish Horse comics, Tales of the Jedi, balances studying the methods of the Pressure with motherhood after her husband is murdered. She kills his attackers along with his lightsaber and, traumatized by her personal violence, she avoids lightsaber fight shifting ahead and as an alternative depends extra closely on the Pressure throughout battle. Along with her daughter, she seeks out the Jedi and formalizes her coaching, quickly preventing alongside the legendary Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma. When Qel-Droma falls to the darkish aspect, Nomi ends his rampage by severing his connection to the Pressure. A widowed mom who turns into one of the vital highly effective Jedi of all time, not via violence however via sheer expertise, is a hero worthy of her personal movie.


Kyle Katarn

Picture By way of LucasArts

First showing within the recreation Star Wars: Darkish Forces, Kyle is an Imperial officer who defects to the Rise up upon studying that the Empire is accountable for the dying of his household. After disrupting an Imperial plot to supply cybernetic Darkish Troopers, Kyle seeks the legendary Valley of the Jedi and protects its wellspring of Pressure power from Sith Inquisitors. Kyle connects along with his personal latent Pressure sensitivity and joins Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order. After a brush with the Darkish Facet, Kyle leaves the Order and forsakes his reference to the Pressure to pursue a mercenary profession along with his accomplice, Jan Ors. This portion of Kyle’s story could be most attention-grabbing to see within the new Star Wars canon: A Jedi who willingly offers up the Pressure for concern of what he may grow to be if he fell to the Darkish Facet. A employed gun with a murky relationship to the Jedi is an eyebrow-raising idea for, say, a Disney+ collection.

Prince Xizor

Star-Wars-Prince-Xizor (1)
Picture By way of LucasArts

The Falleen Prince of Home Sizhran and the Underlord of the legal Black Solar group, Xizor could be an exhilarating stab at a Lex Luthor-type villain whose impeccable public picture disguises one of many deadliest legal connections. In Legends, Xizor has a private vendetta in opposition to Darth Vader, whom he holds accountable for his household’s tragic dying. He attire up his quest for revenge in opposition to Vader as a marketing campaign for the Emperor’s favor. Entrenched in political sabotage and legal subterfuge, Xizor is a deal-wheeling backstabber behind the curtains. Xizor is often an Imperial ally, however his loyalty will be trusted solely to his private ambitions. His Falleen pheromones affect these he can’t blackmail, and his Machiavellian nature makes him a hazard to everybody. Xizor makes the proper remaining boss for a Star Wars crime drama.

Thrackan Sal-Solo

Thrackan-Sal-solo copy
Picture By way of Darkish Horse Comics

Within the present canon, little is thought about Han Solo’s prolonged household. Han is an orphan who grew up within the legal underbelly of Corellia. In Legends, Han has a primary cousin, Thrackan Sal-Solo, the presumed inheritor of Corellia’s historic ruling class. Han first meets Thrackan as an adolescent whereas looking for his household, and reasonably than discovering solace with kin, Han finds himself serving yet one more abusive thug. After Han escapes his affect and turns into a hero, Thrackan is consumed with jealous hatred for his cousin, and he makes an attempt to have Han killed on a number of events. Thrackan is sophisticated — as an untrustworthy radical, his alliances are sometimes tenuous and self-serving. He’s a darkish mirror of Han and is accountable for many controversial conflicts, at one level commanding the Centerpoint Station superweapon. The Star Wars canon has a necessity for multidimensional antagonists working outdoors notions of sunshine and darkish. As Disney continues to discover a brand new panorama within the gaps between trilogies, Thrackan could be an ideal match.

Mara Jade

Picture By way of LucasArts

Finest identified in Legends because the spouse of Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade is an Emperor’s Hand earlier than she ever meets the Jedi Grasp. Whereas Darth Vader represents the navy may of the Empire, Mara Jade is an murderer that quietly eradicated threats to the Empire, each exterior and inside. When the Emperor dies, Mara is left with one final directive: kill Luke Skywalker. Nevertheless, with the Empire shattered, Mara freely drops off the radar and turns into a smuggler. Over time, Mara finds herself working intermittently with Skywalker, ultimately coaching to grow to be a Jedi. In Disney’s sequel trilogy, a lot of Luke’s life after the Battle of Endor is left to the creativeness, leaving loads of room for Mara. Alternatively, Mara Jade is a powerful sufficient character to function onscreen with none connection to Luke. Calm and picked up, she would make the proper morally-gray protagonist for a political thriller set in the course of the Empire’s reign. Although she first serves the Sith, Mara’s solely loyalty is to the standard of her work. If Mara finds a thread, she pulls it, which makes her an exquisite lead for a conspiracy story.

Exar Kun

Picture By way of LucasArts

Exar Kun is without doubt one of the greatest Sith names in historic Star Wars lore. His declare to fame is conducting an historic ritual to free his spirit from his mortal shell and roam the cosmos, exacting destruction wherever he chooses. It’s the final Sith energy journey, and this immortal dream trumps Palpatine’s scheme in The Rise of Skywalker. Created first as a spirit for Kevin J. Anderson‘s Jedi Academy Trilogy of books, Exar Kun’s backstory tied into Tom Veitch’s Darkish Horse comics collection, Tales of the Jedi. Exar Kun is the inventor of the double-bladed lightsaber, and it might be endlessly cool to witness the primary time a Jedi acquired shocked by one. Whether or not he’s launched as one of the vital highly effective dwelling Sith, or as a Sith magic-fueled specter able to possessing weaker wills, Exar Kun is simply plain cool. Want there be another purpose?

Ulic Qel-Droma

Picture By way of Darkish Horse Comics

Within the days of the Outdated Republic, Ulic Qel-Droma seeks to take down a Sith cult from the within by becoming a member of and rising via the ranks. His fellow Jedi concern that his flip to the darkish aspect would grow to be actual, and the extra his pals attempt to pull him out from undercover, the tougher he resists. Ulic succumbs to his personal cowl story, joins Exar Kun as his Sith apprentice, and launches the Nice Sith Warfare. He kills his personal brother in fight earlier than his former lover, Nomi Sunrider, severs his connection to the Pressure. Grieving what he has finished, Ulic helps the Jedi finish the conflict he began and leads them to Exar Kun’s secret temple. Ulic’s trajectory resembles what may need occurred to Kylo Ren underneath totally different circumstances, and it’s excessive time we acquired a Star Wars story a few Jedi who infiltrates the Sith.

Sprint Rendar

Picture By way of LucasArts

Created as a part of the Shadows of the Empire multimedia enterprise, Sprint primarily serves as a Han Solo stand-in whereas he’s frozen in carbonite between Empire Strikes Again and Return of the Jedi. Sprint is a Insurgent ally who fought within the Battle of Hoth and performs an integral position within the acquisition of the Second Demise Star plans. Regardless of his hatred for the Empire, Sprint by no means formally joins the Rebels, opting as an alternative to cost the Alliance a good-looking price for his piloting and fight expertise. This strict sense of professionalism units him other than Solo and makes Sprint an incredible choice to pursue future storylines within the legal underworld of Star Wars. One explicit storyline that may lend itself effectively to an introduction for Rendar is his time on a luxurious ship that will get overtaken by an AI pc – a basic set-up for a sci-fi thriller.

Tenel Ka Djo

Picture By way of Del Rey

The daughter of a Hapan Prince and a Dathomiri witch, Tenel Ka is a Jedi who’s accustomed to having her toes in two worlds. As a youth, she joins Luke’s new Jedi Academy and suffers a lightsaber accident that severs her left arm. Ever a proud warrior, Tenel Ka refuses a robotic prosthetic and commits to doubling her bodily talents to make up for the lack of her arm. Her heritage is linked to the Nightsisters, which have appeared canonically in The Clone Wars and Fallen Order. With a reworked backstory that omits her relationship with different non-canon characters, Tenel Ka is a superb addition to the way forward for Star Wars. She is a fierce fighter who can develop on the lore of the Nightsisters whereas offering strong incapacity illustration in a universe that largely lacks it.


Picture By way of Darkish Horse Comics

The Star Wars canon is in want of a wide range of lightsaber weapons, the cybernetically enhanced Darkish Girl of the Sith, Lumiya, wields a lightwhip. Lightwhips have made some small appearances within the present canon, however they continue to be largely related to the Legends continuity. A lightwhip is extremely unconventional and extremely tough to counter, even for essentially the most expert Jedi Masters, making its wielder a threatening opponent. Whether or not or not she is pitted in opposition to her sworn enemy, Luke Skywalker, Lumiya could be a breath of contemporary air for Star Wars. She has the chilly calculation of Sidious, the cybernetic physique horror of Vader, and the unbridled rage of Kylo Ren, all packaged right into a villain distinctive to her personal.

Ferus Olin

Picture By way of Scholastic

A rival to Anakin Skywalker throughout their Padawan days, Ferus Olin by no means fairly trusts the longer term Sith Lord. After a tragedy that ends in the dying of his pal, Ferus leaves the Jedi Order feeling that he’s in charge. His departure from the Order permits him to evade Order 66, and he later reunites with Obi-Wan Kenobi to complete his Jedi Coaching and goes on to assist kind the beginnings of the Insurgent Alliance. Ferus ultimately comes underneath the make use of of Emperor Palpatine as a double agent, briefly being given management of the Empire’s Inquisitors. On this place, Ferus is ready to assist Pressure sensitives earlier than they are often turned over to the Empire. With the Star Wars canon bringing each Inquisitors and Obi-Wan’s time between trilogies into focus, virtually any level in Ferus’ life could be fertile floor for Disney’s Star Wars – even when his fated collision course with Darth Vader is a doomed one.


Picture By way of LucasArts

An murderer droid and celebration member from the sport Knights of the Outdated Republic, HK-47 is a fan favourite largely resulting from his lack of a filter. Constructed by a Sith Lord, HK-47 has little endurance for do-goodery and can often mock goodwill in the direction of others. HK-47 has an itchy set off finger for a droid and could be a comedic half of an unlikely pairing with a Jedi. His reminiscence core can solely be restored upon reuniting along with his Sith creator, lending an air of mystique across the murderous robotic. His ardour for dying and destruction could must be watered down, however HK-47 can work in any period of Star Wars, not simply the Outdated Republic. If given to a gifted voice actor, he can grow to be not solely one of the vital iconic characters within the Legends continuity however within the canon as effectively.

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