June 26, 2022

Sadie Sink’s Max has already experienced a significant arc in Stranger Things, but there’s more personal growth on the horizon in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 hitting Netflix on July 1st.

Sink shines throughout a good deal of Stranger Things 4 Volume 1, but there’s no denying that she is the driving force of one of the series’ very best episodes, “Dear Billy.” After spending a good deal of time struggling under the weight of a significant amount of grief and regret, Max is forced to face her greatest fears face-to-face via Vecna.

On an upcoming episode of Collider Ladies Night, Sink discussed her experience filming such an emotionally demanding episode of the show, a challenge she had to tackle largely on her own. While talking about how her prep process differs when tackling solo scenes versus scenes featuring more of the ensemble, Sink addressed the catharsis that comes with filming moments when Max finally gets to open up:

“The Max that she presents to the people around her is kind of different, like all of us. Her internal thoughts and personality and true self are much different than what she presents. I think she kind of wants to come across as closed off and tough, and she is both of those things, but I think at the heart of it she’s just scared and she’s dealing with such a deep level of sadness. So to have the moments where she’s reading the letter to Billy, that just felt like such a release to film because you just feel Max’s emotions kind of building up and you’re like, ‘Okay, when’s it just gonna spill over?’”

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It looks like Sink had even more opportunities to experience such a release because she teased that there are even more moments like that in the final two episodes of the season:

“And I think you get to see more of it in Volume 2 as well, even more of her letting herself open up a bit more.”

Sink also offered up additional specifics on exactly how Max’s Vecna encounter changed the character for her moving forward:

“It’s really metaphorical if you really just look into it because this is a character who is in so much pain to the point where she’s nearly given up, and Vecna kind of expresses that to her and now she’s literally facing her own demons, like Billy just right there and vocalizing to her all of her innermost thoughts that she’s tried to hide for so long. And so for her to kind of look death right in the eye after Vecna has put her in such a vulnerable position, and for her to still see her friends showing up for her and fighting for her and telling her to fight and choosing to fight and choosing to literally run towards the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s a really beautiful and simultaneously epic moment, so I think after that happens to Max, there’s just this newfound sense of resilience and bravery. She’s still in danger of course, but she chose to fight which was a really beautiful thing to see play out.”

Looking for more from Sink on Stranger Things 4 and her journey in film and television thus far? Stay tuned! We’ll have her full Collider Ladies Night interview for you tomorrow.

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