August 11, 2022

Over the previous few months, plenty of vital revelations got here to mild in regards to the upcoming The Rings of Energy TV collection. Teaser posters had been dropped, adopted by a few showrunner interviews and solid revelations, and the viewers of the Tremendous Bowl lastly received to see the primary teaser trailer.

The very first set photograph by itself set the web ablaze, hinting at a way more vital backstory than many had been anticipating, as the image confirmed a shot of Center-earth that would solely have taken place within the First Age, lengthy earlier than the occasions of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and lengthy earlier than the unique timeline wherein the collection had been rumored to be set. One other wrench within the works, nevertheless, was dropped within the showrunner interviews, when J. D. Payne revealed that the Tolkien Property nonetheless owns the rights to The Silmarillion, which is the first supply textual content that tells the story The Rings of Energy hopes to indicate.


This revelation, after all, presents an attention-grabbing conundrum. How a lot of a narrative can The Rings of Energy inform if the writers will not be allowed to make use of materials from its important supply? The reply, surprisingly, is rather a lot. Whereas The Silmarillion accommodates maybe probably the most full story of the Second Age, there are an amazing many references to First and Second Age materials present in The Lord of the Rings by itself, and whereas the occasions and characters solely in The Silmarillion (presumably) can’t be used, there are sufficient references all through the opposite books to determine a reasonably full storyline by themselves. Listed here are a number of the most important highlights:

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The Timber

Picture through New Line Cinema

The primary set photograph was of the Two Timber of Valinor, that are central to the story of The Silmarillion. However a lot of their significance can also be seen in The Lord of the Rings. There it’s established that The Two Timber as soon as gave mild to the world, and it was from the sunshine of those timber that the elf Feanor made the three jewels he named the Silmarils. Additionally it is establishes that the tree Nimloth in Numenor was a descendant of one of many unique Timber, and that Morgoth destroyed them, stealing the Silmarils, organising the good wars and drama of the First Age.

Works of Feanor and Origins of Palantíri

palantiri lord of the rings
Picture through New Line Cinema

Talking of Feanor, the textual content additionally explains that Feanor was seemingly the one who created the palantíri, which had been the unique enchanted seeing-stones that got here by the Numenoreans into the later kingdom of Gondor. The palantíri made a couple of appearances in Peter Jackson’s movies in a some vital scenes, and the lengthy historical past of the seeing-stones can be an attention-grabbing subplot to discover in a collection with Numenor as its focus. It might additionally repay effectively with the fanbase, so don’t be shocked if we see extra of the backstory of the last word magic 8-balls of Center-earth.

Mortals and the Elves

Picture through New Line Cinema

One of many subplots already revealed for the upcoming present is that of a romance between a mortal human and an immortal elf. This form of relationship was one of many central parts of The Lord of the Rings with Aragorn and Arwen, however the materials the present can use additionally accommodates the tales of two different such pairings: the elf Lúthien with the person Beren, and the elf Idril with the person Tuor. Every of those relationships had tragic turns and surprising triumphs, and the shadow of those {couples} is prone to play an vital function within the new collection.

The Nice Occasions

Picture through New Line Cinema

Whereas the epic moments of the First and Second Age are solely totally fleshed out in The Silmarillion, many of the main occasions of these instances are additionally established elsewhere. The drama of the First Age across the loss of life of the Timber and the theft of the Silmarils is honest recreation, and many of the story of the Silmarils is sketched out as effectively.

The accessible texts additionally inform the story of how Beren and Lúthien stole a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth, and the way their descendant, Eärendil, took the Silmaril again to the Timeless Lands and satisfied the Powers there to overthrow Morgoth, bringing the First Age to an finish. Eärendil’s voyage into the night time sky to grow to be a beacon of hope in opposition to evil can also be well-established in The Lord of the Rings, and it’s seemingly for use as a part of the good backdrop of story behind the occasions of the Second Age within the new present.

Finrod and The Ring of Barahir

finrod rings of power
Picture through Amazon Studios

A personality briefly revealed within the teaser trailer was Finrod, Galadriel’s brother. There are a couple of vital issues we learn about him from the textual content: he was king of the elven kingdom of Nargothrond, and he gave the present of a hoop to Barahir, the daddy of Beren. It’s this ring that Aragorn wears in The Lord of the Rings, and it was saved secure for a while by Elrond in Rivendell. It’s one other neat connection to make with Tolkien’s broader legendarium and the Jackson motion pictures, so don’t be shocked if the Ring of Barahir exhibits up, both.


lord of the rings the rings of power galadriel
Picture through Amazon Studios

As Numenor goes to be one of the vital components of the brand new present, an honest quantity of accessible materials additionally helps to sketch out the drama of that kingdom: as a reward for preventing in opposition to Morgoth, those that did so had been granted a brand new homeland separate from Center-earth. They had been guided to their new homeland by the star of Eärendil, and Elrond’s brother, Elros, grew to become the primary king of Numenor. They had been additionally forbidden from setting foot on the Timeless Lands, and it’s this ban that finally ends up being the destruction of Numenor, because the final king flouts this order and as a punishment the Powers sink the island of Numenor beneath the ocean.



One other character who made an look within the trailer is the elven king Gil-galad. There’s a prolonged poem about him recited in The Lord of the Rings, and consequently there’s a good quantity of usable data there. Gil-galad was the final of the kings of the Noldor, and dominated over many of the Excessive Elves in Center-earth from the dominion of Lindon (additionally within the trailer). The importance of the dominion itself is that it’s the final remnant of the outdated land of Beleriand left after the catastrophic wars of the First Age, so there the final nice elf kingdom has its seat.

Celebrimbor and the Dwarves

Eregion lotr
Picture through New Line Cinema

One other vital storyline is meant to be that of the connection between the dwarves and the dominion of Eregion. The textual content states that the connection between King Durin III and the Eregion Elven-smiths was the closest there ever was between the 2 peoples, and that Celebrimbor himself, the descendant of Feanor, was the best craftsman among the many Elven-smiths. It was Celebrimbor, by the way, who drew the symbols on the Doorways of Durin on the entrance of the Mines of Moria, which might be one other helpful hyperlink to the movie trilogy to position within the collection.

Durin III was additionally mentioned to have been given one of many Rings of Energy after they had been made, and that is certain to be part of the present. One other facet of dwarven historical past that the movie trilogy didn’t discover was the story of how King Durin I first got here to Khazad-dum and the waters of Mirrormere, the place he noticed a crown of stars mirrored above his head.

Sauron and the Rings of Energy

The Eye of Sauron

Arguably probably the most vital storyline that should be explored within the TV collection is, after all, the Rings of Energy themselves. The story notes that there’s quite a lot of interplay amongst numerous the earlier factors: Sauron apparently constructed his nice stronghold of Barad-dur in Mordor as a response to the rising energy of the Numenoreans, and that Sauron made an amazing effort to seduce the elves of Center-earth to his trigger. Even supposing Sauron turned the dial as much as eleven on his seductometer, nevertheless, Gil-galad refused him. He was way more profitable with the smiths of Eregion, although, and performed upon their want for data to ensnare them unwittingly to his trigger.

Regardless of his success, nevertheless, he by no means truly personally dealt with the three Elven Rings. He did forge the One Ring just a few years after the Three had been made, intending to achieve management over Eregion with the facility of the Grasp Ring. Celebrimbor realized Sauron’s plan, nevertheless, and hid the Three Rings, briefly forestalling Sauron.

The Most Enigmatic Character of All

Tom Bombadil Lord of the Rings Art by The Hildebrandt Brothers
Tom Bombadil Lord of the Rings Artwork by The Hildebrandt Brothers

One of the fascinating prospects that’s large open for the collection to discover is likely one of the strangest characters and storylines from The Lord of the Rings that by no means truly made it to the display, even in Jackson’s trilogy: Tom Bombadil. Bombadil is a personality who exhibits up randomly within the plot of the guide, singing a wierd and foolish tune whereas bounding by the woods untouched by any cares. His scenes by no means made it to the display on account of time constraints throughout the general narrative, however he’s a personality who followers have needed to see on display for fairly a while. He’s fascinating for plenty of causes: he’s, for instance, the one particular person in the entire guide who is totally unaffected by the Ring; in reality, at one level he makes the Ring itself disappear, somewhat than the opposite manner round. Considerably to a Second Age storyline, nevertheless, Tom Bombadil is implied to be as outdated because the world itself, and has been a presence in it from the start. This might notably give the TV collection license to deliver Bombadil into the story and provides followers a second they’ve needed for a very long time.

There are way more implications and inferences within the books that would ultimately come to mild about Second Age materials, and there could also be some intelligent manner round problems with rights even to names, characters, and tales that don’t seem in The Lord of the Rings itself; as for now, that’s what we are able to know in regards to the prospects open to the present. What’s going to ultimately hit the display solely time will inform, however even with out The Silmarillion, there’s a large world of prospects open for the collection to discover.


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