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The new spin-off from the hit series The Boys has finally released on Amazon Prime Video, and the animators were given plenty of creative liberty when portraying the world within their own style. One aspect of the original show that many know it for is its intense gore, and The Boys Presents: Diabolical doesn’t shy away from showing blood and gore either. While not every episode has buckets of blood being spilled, some episodes take full liberty of the limitless possibilities that animation presents. With that in mind, here’s every episode from the first season, rated on how much blood and gore is splattered across the floors and walls.


8. “BFFs” – Episode 5

the boys presents diabolical - bffs

An episode doesn’t have to have guts spilling out for it to be good, and that is shown through the fifth episode of the anthology. In this episode, the focus is more on the humor as the protagonist Sky (voiced by Awkwafina) gains the ability to control feces and becomes best friends with her own waste, which has come to life through her powers. The sheer absurdity alone makes the episode fun to watch through, although we do get to see a man get eaten alive by a shark. This should give a good idea of how graphic the episodes can get, and it only gets more ridiculously violent from here.

7. “Boyd In 3D” – Episode 4

the boys presents diabolical - boyd in 3d

The fourth episode also doesn’t hold much gore in it, instead being about a gel that can mutate one’s body into their “ideal forms.” The result is Boyd and Cherry (voiced by Eliot Glazer and Nasim Pedrad respectively) becoming a famous couple after using the substance and how it affects their lifestyles. What almost seems like a good ending is crushed when Boyd is brought back to Vought for a check-up, which concludes when his head explodes and blood spurts out like a fountain.

6. “Nubian vs Nubian” – Episode 6

the boys presents diabolical - Nubian_vs_Nubian

When a superhero couple is on the verge of divorce, their daughter attempts to enlist a former nemesis to rekindle the love between them. Unfortunately for that nemesis, Groundhawk (John DiMaggio), that involves getting beaten to a pulp by Nubian Prince and Nubia (voiced by Don Cheadle and Aisha Tyler respectively). The two parents don’t go easy on him, and while “Boyd In 3D” might have more blood in quantity, this feels like a much more violent scene, with the child getting covered in Groundhawk’s blood, instead of something placed at the very end of the episode for potential shock value.

5. “I’m Your Pusher” – Episode 3

the boys presents Diabolical-Im-Your-Pusher-1000x600

When Billy Butcher (Jason Isaacs) confronts O.D. (Kieran Culkin) and blackmails him into spiking the drugs he sells to Great Wide Wonder (Michael Cera), the hero ends up tweaking too hard at a ceremony, resulting in the death of himself and one other hero. The gore is somewhat brutal, but it is only shown near the end of the episode. This is where the gore begins to pick up, as Great Wide Wonder not only breaks their bones but also creates a gaping hole through the center of another hero’s body. Blood coats spectators and you can see all the intestines still within the now-demolished torso. While the sight is quite comedic for Butcher, Wee Hughie (Simon Pegg) seems to reflect what some viewers might feel: uneasiness and slight disgust.

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4. “John and Sun-Hee” – Episode 7

the boys presents diabolical-johnandsunhee-1

The seventh episode of the anthology is perhaps the saddest of the collection, centering around an elderly couple and the trouble they get into when the husband steals a serum from Vought to cure his dying wife. While she does get healed and obtains powers, the cancer that was inside Sun-Hee (voiced by Youn Yuh-jung) becomes sentient as it shoots tentacles out to protect its new vessel. Vought agents get pierced with sharp tentacles before being completely turned into red mist by the creature. Eventually the creature leaves the body of Sun-Hee, and it grows as it eviscerates all the animals in the forest where Sun-Hee and John (Randall Duk Kim) have stopped. The final scene shows the couple saying goodbye for the last time as Sun-Hee fights off the creature with her own powers that she discovered as a result of John being threatened by the cancer. It is a beautiful yet sad end, and it almost makes you forget all the gruesome deaths that were caused just moments ago by the monster. Somehow watching entire bodies being turned into a bloody red mist and disposed of into its gelatinous body is more disturbing than the gore of being cut in half.

3. “An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents” – Episode 2

Image via Prime Video

When the second episode took on the animation style popularized by Rick and Morty, it was clear that the episode wouldn’t shy away from blood and gore. That is exactly what we got as the title of the episode explains perfectly what goes on. The extra factor of the children having unusual/useless powers means that the methods of killing needed to be unique, such as a boy who essentially kills his dad by burning him to death with his molten testicles or the kid who killed his parents by blasting “Only Wanna Be With You” by Hootie & the Blowfish so loud that their bodies implode, blood gushing out of their heads. The episode fits in a lot of brutality and death into roughly ten minutes, and for that it earns the spot as the third bloodiest episode on the list.

2. “One Plus One Equals Two” – Episode 8

The Boys Diabolical homelander

The eighth and final episode of the season touches on Homelander (Antony Starr) and his experience after initially joining the Seven. His first mission is to stop a hostage situation that broke out at a chemical plant, but things don’t go as planned. Homelander, not wanting to be upstaged by Black Noir, attempts to go in first and defuse the situation before his partner can arrive. Clearly not knowing his own strength, things quickly go south when he becomes overwhelmed and accidentally murders everyone involved at the plant, including the hostages. He blows up someone’s arm, rips another person’s jaw off, and in a fit of rage he blacks out and eviscerates terrorist and hostages alike. After attempting to kill Black Noir thinking that he will expose his mistake and get him removed from the Seven, Homelander accidentally blows up the entire plant, causing mass destruction and leading to the last witness of his brutal killings having their neck snapped by Black Noir in order to help him cover up the mess. It is a dark episode that hits much closer to the themes of the live-action show, and the vicious scenes portrayed in terms of blood and gore are only topped by one other episode in the season.

1. “Laser Baby’s Day Out” – Episode 1

The Boys Diabolical laser baby's day out

It’s a bit shocking to find out that the most intense episode of the season actually came in the first episode. The level of gore in “Laser Baby’s Day Out” reaches comical levels as there is no dialogue in the entire episode. Thus, all of the focus is directed to the visuals, of which blood and gore takes up the majority. In just one short episode there is a man once again getting a giant hole through his torso, a horse being eaten alive by piranhas, an elderly man being smashed by a car, countless Vought soldiers being eviscerated by lasers, and Superbrain getting his ginormous head cut open, allowing for his big brain to turn to mush as it seeps out of him. All this violence almost makes you forget that the entire episode is centered around a baby, more specifically a baby that is causing all this gore to occur. While “One Plus One Equals Two” used gore to get across a point about how traumatic Homelander’s actions were, this episode instead takes it to absurd levels in an attempt to provide a comically violent scenario.

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