May 25, 2022

Season 2 of Prime Video’s The Wilds introduces us to the other half of Gretchen’s (Rachel Griffiths) experiment, The Twilight of Adam. Just like the Dawn of Eve subjects, the Twilight of Adam members board a plane under the assumption that they’re heading to a retreat in Hawaii when, in reality, their plane is destined to “crash” and strand them on a deserted island.

The Twilight of Adam ensemble is brimming with talent and adds quite a bit to the show, but a personal favorite in that department is the chemistry between Reed Shannon and Tanner Ray Rook as best friends Scotty and Bo. Bo is quiet and kind while Scotty’s a big talker who’s mighty tenacious. Not only do they balance each other out quite well, but it’s also abundantly clear that their loyalty to one another is especially strong and pure, making the duo effortless to root for and often a joy to watch.


With The Wilds Season 2 now streaming on Prime Video, I got the chance to chat with Shannon and Rook about developing that chemistry. Shannon’s got a handful of screen credits to his name at this point, but The Wilds actually marks Rook’s very first starring role in a show, so I asked him for a moment on set that proved to him that he was made for this and destined to be an actor. His answer will make any Scotty/Bo fan’s heart soar!

“It’s gonna sound super corny, it’s gonna sound super cheesy, but when I did my first scene with Reed, that was really the time where I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m meant to be here,’ just because we fell into our characters so easy, so quick. And we were hanging out outside of filming. I had to pinch myself sometimes because I’m like, ‘I’m making a great friend and we’re playing best friends on TV? What are you kidding me? This is great!’”

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for The Wilds, Season 2, Episode 3, “36/14.”]Season 2, Episode 3 does deliver some informative and powerful flashbacks for Scotty and Bo, revealing why they wound up going on this “retreat,” but if you’re looking for even more backstory on the duo, Rook shared a little bit from their discussions about how they might have met:

“We talked about it a little bit. When we first kind of got into it, we didn’t really know the backstory, but I know that in, I guess we’re doing spoilers now, in your interview or your interrogation, you talk about double cheese fries at Jerry’s, Marvel/Capcom, so after we kind of figured that out we sort of just figured they probably met when they were in elementary school over something that happened. But we never really sat down and said, ‘This is what happened.’”

Reed continued by further emphasizing the parallels between the special spark between their characters on the show and between him and Rook in real life:

“It was sort of a thing of like, we know. We know what it is. You’re my roll dog! And that went a long way because we were already friends. It was almost like we partnered up the friendship that was budding in real life with the friendship that was written.”

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That unbreakable connection is on display full force at the end of Episode 3, “36/14.” At that point in the season, the show had already well established that Bo and Scotty would do anything for each other, but when Scotty starts demolishing his family’s old home and then hands Bo the mallet, there is a really strong silent moment that makes one wonder, will Bo contribute? Will this tender soul who lives in fear of making even the tiniest mess join in? It’s a beautiful beat where Rook’s performance speaks volumes without even a stitch of dialogue. Here’s what Rook had to say about tackling Bo’s thought process in that scene:

“There were a lot of emotions going through both of us. My favorite thing about working with Reed is that we check in with each other, and we’ll look at each other in the eyes and then we’ll go. The moment for that, I remember thinking, ‘This is the first time we’re seeing Bo angry and that’s a big deal.’ And I think that because there are no words, it helps a lot more. And I love the fact that he doesn’t take the hammer because he’s like, ‘That’s yours.’ He picks up a big candlestick and just starts his own and that’s Bo’s way of saying, ‘I’m your dude. Let’s f*ck up this house together!’”

Looking for more from Shannon and Rook? You can catch our full conversation in the video interview at the topic of this article!

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