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If I had a nickel for each Pixar film that depicted a mother-daughter story the place at the least one of many characters turns right into a bear, I would have two nickels, which isn’t loads, however it’s bizarre that it has occurred twice.

Pixar’s 2012 function Courageous informed the story of a rebellious younger lady vying to alter her destiny and the thoughts of her over-controlling mom by way of magical means. Ten years later, 2022’s Turning Pink constructed itself on the same premise, however held a larger concentrate on its core mother-daughter relationship, and introduced it in a extra nuanced and identifiable means.

At face worth, each movies are about how magically reworking right into a bear presents an issue that the mom and daughter should overcome. In Courageous, Merida, voiced by Kelly Macdonald, inadvertently casts a botched spell on her mom, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), turning her right into a bear. Turning Pink tells the story of Meilin Lee (Rosalie Chang) as she learns from her mother, Ming (Sandra Oh), of her household’s ancestral “inconvenience” of reworking into an enormous crimson panda each time she will get too emotional. Every movie presents the magical bear factor because the story’s inciting incident that propels the characters into battle, resolved solely by the energy of their mother-daughter bond.


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Thematically, each movies use the literal transformative side of becoming a bear as a narrative system to discover their relationships and core theme of change. Queen Elinor’s grizzly transformation gave her the chance to higher perceive Merida, whereas the “inside panda” of Mei’s household is analogous to the pure modifications of maturity and emotional consciousness that Mei learns to reside with. By way of a fancifully drastic bodily change, the movies every posit change as an integral side of their core relationships’ must develop.


Courageous and Turning Pink present how change is an inescapable necessity for progress in a household dynamic. Merida and Mei’s relationships with their moms modified as they grew into younger maturity and are newly modified by the occasions of their tales. Merida grew up from being the proud apple of her mother and father’ eye to carrying the endless burden of her mom’s royal expectations, whereas Mei grew into her personal identification away from a lifetime of being smothered by her mom’s protecting coronary heart and watchful eye. By the tip of each movies, the mom and daughter have a greater understanding of one another and a more healthy rapport.

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What makes Turning Pink a stronger tackle the mother-daughter story is in the place the emotional battle within the relationship is rooted and the way the change is necessitated.

In Courageous, Merida’s motivation is rooted within the Disney princess custom that precedes her. Much like characters like Belle, Jasmine or Mulan, Merida wished freedom from the expectations pushed upon her by not solely her mom, however by the traditions and societal stress of her atmosphere and period. In a time and tradition the place a princess was anticipated to indicate decorum and perfection, the fiercely impartial Merida sought to battle for her personal hand and never be tied down by any man or sense of royal obligation. Like a lot of the Disney princesses, she wished greater than what a lifetime of royalty might grant her. The change Merida wished for her personal life and the wrestle to attain it manifested in her mom, who held essentially the most energy and affect over her destiny. In brief, Merida’s relationship along with her mom was a vessel for the larger adversity of her atmosphere and standing. The battle between Merida and Elinor is rooted in how every of them feels about their tradition’s customs and accountability to the crown. Merida sought to alter her place in life by way of her mother.

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The dilemma Mei confronted along with her mom is a extra universally recognizable one than Merida’s. Metaphorical to the arrival of puberty, the modifications Mei confronted at her age, panda or in any other case, weren’t ones that she actively wished like Merida and even anticipated. Mei’s modifications have been a shock to her and would occur whether or not she was in command of them. The arrival of Mei’s “inside panda” unveiled a stress between her and her mom as Mei begins to behave extra on her personal selections on easy methods to reside with the panda that go in opposition to her mom’s needs. Mei seeks independence like Merida, however inside eager to be freed from royal accountability and societal expectations, she simply desires to be free to be the particular person she was turning into, to love boys, hearken to loud music and gyrate alongside along with her pals. Merida wished her mother to alter, Mei wanted her mother to just accept that she was altering.

Turning Pink additionally humanizes the overprotective mom archetype and fleshes out the type of mom Ming is. Whereas Elinor was a largely traditionalist product of her instances, dehumanized by turning right into a literal bear with no dialogue solely as an ironic plot system, Ming was a extra believably controlling mum or dad with identifiable reasoning behind the type of mum or dad she was. An idealistic working mother, Ming had an opinion on all the things Mei loved and noticed her progress into younger maturity as a trigger for alarm, fixing blame on anybody that threatened her harmless notion of her daughter. Elinor wished Merida to attain her personal notion of success as a royal whereas Ming was protecting of her “little Mei Mei” for what she had seen the panda spirit do to the remainder of the ladies in her household, together with herself.

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The dissonance of Turning Pink’s relationship places larger concentrate on the mom and daughter as people over the beliefs they characterize. The pressure Merida was put beneath was by societal expectations and gender norms, personified by her mom. Merida fought the patriarchy for her freedom, whereas Mei was explicitly preventing her mom for her newfound identification. Mei developed from wanting nothing greater than to please her mom to eager to be her personal particular person, rising up beneath the assumption that to like and honor your mother and father is to do all the things they ask and meet all their expectations.

Each movies finish with the mom and daughter having reached a brand new understanding, however Turning Pink exhibits that there’s nonetheless a basic disagreement that’s not resolved fortunately like in Courageous. Ming doesn’t need for Mei to reside with the panda spirit unleashed and Mei is afraid of what it’d do to their relationship. Regardless of this, there’s nonetheless a mutual love and assist from every of them that respects their characters and perspective. Not a lot is proven in Courageous to point how Merida and Elinor’s relationship has modified from their story, aside from a brand new sense of camaraderie. However Mei and Ming present that whereas they’re nonetheless at odds, they’re open to assembly one another midway. They’re nonetheless in disagreement, however are prepared to just accept one another.


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