August 10, 2022

“Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?” If Westworld fans have learned anything from the past three seasons, it’s that they should be questioning everything. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s ambitious revamp of the classic Westworld story by Michael Crichton has managed to delight and baffle viewers in equal measure. Each season provokes even more questions. Westworld fans are renowned for their extensive theories. Some ardent fans managed to predict some of the show’s biggest twists, but other theories were completely off base.

The first three seasons each explored nonlinear timelines. In the first season, the hosts break free from their “loops” within the park itself. The show also flashed back to show how the host technology was developed by Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Arnold (Jeffrey Wright). Season 2 explored the aftermath of Dolores’ (Evan Rachel Wood) revolution. Bernard served as an unreliable narrator for the ongoing crisis. Season 3 flashed the series into a Blade Runner-esque dystopian future. While there weren’t as many flashbacks, the introduction of several new characters sparked even more theories and discussions.


Season 4 picks up a few years after Dolores prevented Serac (Vincent Cassel) from unleashing his weapon. Although the world has begun to recover, danger is imminent. Caleb (Aaron Paul) has to leave the safety of his family home after a group of assassins targets his daughter. He once again teams up with Maeve (Thandiwe Newton), who is being hunted by forces sent by William (Ed Harris). We meet someone named Christina, a story programmer for an entertainment company, who looks exactly like Dolores, but is clearly not the host we know and love.

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The Season 4 premiere, “The Auguries,” sets each character off on an exciting new adventure. Here are some of the biggest questions that the next seven episodes will have to address.

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What Is Up With the Fly?

Each season of Westworld has a recurring symbol that relates to the story’s themes. In Season 1, it’s “The Maze,” in Season 2, it’s “The Door,” and in Season 2, it’s “The New World.” It’s unclear what Season 4’s subtitle will be, but the revamped opening credits sequence contained imagery of a mysterious fly-like creature. What could this fly represent? In the pre-title scene, William uses a horde of flies to devour an unnamed businessman and seize control of his operation. It’s unclear how William coordinated this attack. However, several characters reference the “new journey” that they will be going on. Perhaps, this season will explore how they literally “fly away” from their past.

How Did Teddy Survive?

Although it was revealed as part of the press coverage, the return of James Marsden as Teddy was a terrific stinger for the first episode to end on. Teddy has been absent from the story since Season 2. After Dolores turned him into her personal assassin, Teddy shot himself in the head, but Dolores managed to upload his consciousness to the hosts’ version of the afterlife called “The Sublime.” Although Teddy was not in the third season, Dolores transferred ownership of the Sublime to Bernard. Did Bernard unlock Teddy’s spirit, or did he escape on his own? If so, how did he access his old body?

Does Christina Know She Is Dolores?

One of the biggest shocks of the Season 4 premiere was the new identity that Dolores is living with. While Dolores is known for disguising herself, she appears to have no memories of her past. Dolores is now employed as a writer for non-playable characters at a game developer called Olympiad Entertainment. However, she experiences brief, incoherent flashbacks to memories that fans of the show will recognize. It’s unclear how this Dolores exists after her memories were purged at the end of last season by Serac, and who is behind the creation of Christina.

What Is William After?

William definitely gets the most cynical line of the episode when he deals with the businessmen, he remarks, “This is America, everything’s for sale.” Apparently, the former Delos board member (or some version of him) hasn’t exactly tamed his aptitude for violence. William is definitely hunting for something and is looking to acquire land so he can find a mysterious object that was “stolen” from him. Could he be referring to “The Sublime,” or is there another artifact from Ford’s park that he wants to get his hands on?

What Did Bernard Do With the Hosts?

Surprisingly, the series regular Jeffrey Wright did not appear in “The Auguries.” While Westworld has a stacked cast (Tessa Thompson was also absent from the Season 4 premiere), Bernard’s storyline ended on a particularly exciting note in the Season 3 finale, “Crisis Theory.” After surviving the battle with Serac, Bernard awakens in a mysterious hotel room in the post-credits scene, covered in dust after a significant passage of time. He is equipped with access to the “The Sublime” that Dolores transferred to him. Since Teddy appears at the end, it’s clear that some hosts have been brought back into reality. Could this be part of a plot by Bernard? Where has Berard been all this time?

What Have Maeve and Caleb Been Doing Since the End of Season 3?

Maeve and Caleb were united at the end of “Crisis Theory” as the sound of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” introduced the new version of the future. Apparently, they have gone their separate ways since their initial team-up. Maeve is now on the run, eluding assassins, after seemingly spending the last few years out in a cabin in the woods. Caleb goes back to working in construction. He lives a modest life with his wife, Uwade (Nozipho Mclean), and his 7-year-old daughter, Frankie (Celeste Clark). Uwade reveals that she only knows parts of Caleb’s past. However, since the show has skipped 7 years into the future, it’s not clear what Maeve and Caleb did together after the Incite facilities were destroyed. How did this fragile peace come to be?

What is Olympiad Entertainment?

Christina’s new job at Olympiad Entertainment allows the show to add some fun meta-commentary. Christina gets to talk about expanding the role of background characters and pursuing her passions for the sake of personal satisfaction. She’s met with sexist criticisms from her employers. It’s clear that the company could be playing foil to Delos and Westworld, but just how much of the company we will see this season remains a mystery. Is it simply meant to show us the unfortunate, pervasive sexism that still exists in the real world? Or does the company have more sinister intentions?